In the following cases, after a trial, clients were found not guilty and went home to their families.

State v. N—e — Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault

State v. Fi—h — Aggravated Child Molestation and Child Molestation

State v. Jo—n — Sale of Cocaine

State v. Be—l — Rape, Aggravated Sodomy x2

State v. H—d — Felony Murder x2, Malice Murder, Cruelty to Children, Aggravated Assault

State v. Ke—y — Murder x2, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, Firearms Charges

State v. Ar—r — Murder, Felony Murder

State v. El—n — Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sodomy, Child Molestation

State v. Th—s — Aggravated Assault — Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

State v. Br—s — Rape

State v,. Ko—a — Felony Murder, Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Crime

State v. Haw—s — Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Firearm Charges

State v. K—-g — Burglary

State v. B—d — Aggravated Assault x3, Burglary, Simple Battery, and Obstruction of Officer

State v. Ca—l — Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault

State v. Te—l — Aggravated Assault x2

State v. Ro—d — Burglary x2

State v. Ge—e — Rape

State v. A—g — Rape

State v. St—s — Child Molestation x4, Statutory Rape x2

State v. Ma—y — Entering Auto

State v. An—n — Child Molestation x2

State v. S—s — Felony Obstruction of Officer, Terroristic Threats

State v. L—s — Terroristic Threats x2, Simple Battery — Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

State v. S—h — Felony Shoplifting, Misdemeanor Shoplifting

State v. W—h — Rape, Child Molestation x4

State v. W—t — Rape

State v. He—n — Rape

State v. C—k — Felony Murder x3, Aggravated Assault x2, and Armed Robbery

State v. N—r — Rape, Theft by Deception

State v. H—s — Aggravated Assault x2, Simple Battery

State v. M—y — Aggravated Assault x2

State v. M—s — Felony Murder x2, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Firearm Charge

State v. B—l — Felony Murder, Murder, Aggravated Assault x2

State v. A—s — Simple Assault, Criminal Trespass

State v. Br—t — Theft by Taking

State v F—r — Simple Assault

State v. W—s — Theft by Shoplifting

State v. C—k — DUI

State v. B—r — Simple Battery

State v. B—e — Simple Battery

State v. N—s — Theft by Deception x4 , Operating a Credit Repair Organization x2

State v. N—r — Theft by Shoplifting

State v. B—s — Murder

State v. W—s — Rape

State v. E—l — Child Molestation