Fighting For Your Future After A Criminal Charge

Serious charges such as sex offenses and other major felonies have serious consequences. Many of those accused worry about future job and housing prospects, potential jail time and whether they will even be able to see their own children. It is crucial to know the right way to protect yourself and your future. At The Mull Law Office, we understand criminal defense and how you can best protect yourself from these charges.

Benefits Of Working With An Experienced Attorney

Many people think they can rely on themselves and their own instincts when responding to charges. They might decide to cooperate fully with the prosecution to get the best outcome, or find a lawyer who promises to quickly and aggressively tear down the prosecution’s case.

However, criminal defense requires a careful, thoughtful approach. An attorney with plenty of experience can offer unique benefits. As a lawyer with more than three decades of experience, Corinne Mull:

  • Uses the latest changes in law and jurisprudence to our clients’ advantage
  • Evaluates the need for aggressive defense versus patient cooperation, or a combination of approaches
  • Is up-to-date with innovative scientific developments that relate to criminal defense
  • Works with a developed network of expert witnesses

At The Mull Law Office, we are dedicated to client service, and treat those we help with dignity and respect. Throughout your case, we will work to not just defend you from these charges now but protect your future.

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