Pitbull in a skirt

I was facing 5 to 20 years in prison until I retained Corinne. I was dealing with a DA who wouldn’t let up and the worst judge in Dekalb County! Before I hired Corinne, I had two other lawyers who could do nothing with my case, two years after being indicted so I did some research on her. After finding out that she was in fact a true veteran criminal defense attorney that has tried and won an astronomical amount of high profile cases I made the call and hired her. Corinne used her expertise and vast experience to strong arm the DA and promptly win me an acquittal! I’d retained her in September and just last week she got me off with no problem! When those other lawyers just took my money in the beginning and wanted me to plead to a felony, Corinne assured me that she would fight for me and delivered! I feel like I owe her my life and I will be forever grateful to this woman. Upon going to court, I saw that she is very well known and respected in the legal community so you could never go wrong with her. Corinne is most definitely an enormous force to be reckoned with; yes she is my SUPER LAWYER!

Client Review | Anonymous


Ms. Mull works tirelessly to stand up for her clients

I strongly endorse Corinne Mull. She has extensive criminal defense experience in all types of matters, including capital offenses. Ms. Mull works tirelessly to stand up for her clients and is sincere and ethical.

Joseph Habachy | Criminal Defense Attorney


There is no better lawyer to be found.

I had the pleasure of working with Corinne for many years. I was a young attorney and she taught me how to be a great advocate and a dedicated representative for my clients. There is no better lawyer to be found. She is tenacious and compassionate. Hardworking does not even begin to describe her. I heartily endorse this attorney!

Abbi Taylor | Appeals Attorney



Ms. Mull will fight!

Ms. Mull will fight until her last breath for her clients!

Musa Ghanayem | Criminal Defense Attorney


I was amazed

I worked with Corinne on several cases as a pro bono immigration advisor (as I do for public defenders in Georgia) when she was a public defender. I was amazed at how great a plea bargain she was able to work out for a future client shortly after she attended one of my immigration law seminars for criminal lawyers which I gave years ago. Her client who was the subject of the plea bargain subsequently hired me later and he was not deported, and he avoided the risk of a de facto life sentence in prison had he gone to trial and had been convicted. Years later I attended one of her seminars. I was not at all surprised at how many amazing results she has gotten in criminal trials. I highly endorse her.

Peter Hill | Immigration Attorney